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Isle of Crete Developments stands as a dynamic force in collaboration with our joint venture partners, specializing in the development and delivery of high-quality Hotel and Villa Resort Tourism projects. Our vision extends beyond mere construction; we aim to foster community living in the enchanting landscapes of Crete. At the heart of our philosophy is the belief that the future of both tourism and community living in Crete holds the key for individuals seeking memorable visits or a permanent haven on this captivating island.


Crafting Dreams, Building Communities

Our primary activity revolves around transforming dreams into reality through collaborative efforts. We actively engage with joint venture partners to create idyllic retreats and thriving communities, seamlessly blending the allure of high-quality hotels and villa resorts with the unique charm of Crete.


Beyond Grandeur: Small Projects and Properties

In addition to our grand projects, Isle of Crete Developments takes pride in curating a diverse range of opportunities. Imagine the allure of an intimate boutique property, the comfort of a cozy residential space, to the potential of a small-scale project – perhaps a parcel of land designed for a villa complex featuring multiple units, all at the price of an already-constructed single villa. Our commitment to unique and flexible investment options ensures that you can tailor your investment journey to match your vision and aspirations.


Explore Varied Opportunities

Whether envisioning a grand hotel project or seeking a more intimate investment in a smaller property, Isle of Crete Developments welcomes you to explore the possibilities within our diverse portfolio. Embrace the future of real estate in Crete with us, where each project reflects our commitment to quality, community, and the timeless allure of this remarkable island.

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Discover the magic of Crete through our diverse projects, where dreams find a home, and communities flourish in every corner.

Our Services

Embark on Your Investment Odyssey with Isle of Crete.

Unrivaled Asset Mastery

Experience an extraordinary investment journey with Isle of Crete, where asset management is redefined through our comprehensive 360-degree solutions, turning your Greek investment into a strategic success. From crafting your real estate future to strategic consultation excellence, our commitment ensures a seamless experience at every stage.


Finding the Perfect Property

We go above and beyond to find the most suitable property, tailored to your needs, whether you’re a private or business client.


Legal and Engineering Solutions

Our team of experts in Greece, including legal and engineering professionals, provides solutions to your questions and challenges.


Communication with the State

Obtain building permits, construction licenses, even during the residence period and the property’s roots.


Financial Guidance and Funding

With funding from the European Union, we ensure funds for your property purchase or tourism-related ventures.


Comprehensive Real Estate Services

Including transaction services, legal rectifications, and a focus on business dispute processes.


Strategic Consultation Excellence

Elevate your expectations with meticulous online consultations that comprehensively prepare you for your investment journey.


Market Mastery Insights

Gain from extensive market analysis, uncovering lucrative hotspots, exclusive off-market gems, up-to-the-minute prices, and market trends.


Tailored Investment Precision

Benefit from profound knowledge and vast experience as we curate investments tailored to your unique needs, unveiling real estate deals with enticing overall yield and substantial upside potential.


Business Plan Excellence

Each property is backed by a meticulously prepared comprehensive business plan, providing a clear roadmap to your investment success.


Negotiation Prowess

Navigate negotiations seamlessly, securing the best terms, timeframes, and purchase prices.


Professional Services Expertise

Harness the expertise of top specialists—lawyers, technical engineers, constructors, architects, insurance brokers, and integrated facilities management companies.


Licenses and Permits Mastery

Navigate the intricate process of obtaining all necessary licenses and permits, including building permits.


Efficient Banking Solutions

Seamlessly open a bank account in Greece for both private customers and companies through our online process for efficiency and simplicity.


Credit Application Facilitation

Let us assist you in applying for credit, streamlining the financial aspects of your investment.


Greek SPV Establishment

Enjoy complete support and documentation assistance in establishing Greek Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs).


Tax Number Issuance Expertise

Obtain your unique tax number, ensuring compliance with the Greek State before acquiring real estate.


Taxation Advisory and Notary Excellence

Benefit from expert assistance in various taxation aspects and notary services.


Seamless Purchase Agreement Process

We handle the signing of the purchase agreement, ensuring clarity and, if needed, translation into your preferred language.


Transaction Registration Verification

Verify the registration of your transaction in the land registry office, ensuring a seamless and accurate process.


Golden Visa Residence Permit Management

If needed, we guide you through the procedure to obtain a Golden Visa Residence Permit in Greece. Rest assured, we have a dedicated special department and expert lawyers specifically for this matter. Feel free to explore this opportunity, and we’ll be delighted to assist you in making the most of the Golden Visa program.

Welcome to a new era of investment excellence where we don’t just find you a property but build a lasting relationship and strategic partnership for a successful investment in Greece.

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Contact us below to start crafting your real estate future in Greece.

Why Crete?

Welcome to Crete – the largest and most populous jewel in the Greek islands, and the southernmost island of all Europe.
Crete is a paradise of mild weather all year round, pristine beaches, tantalizing culinary experiences for foodies and wine enthusiasts, a plethora of ancient sites, breathtaking landscapes, and an extensive network of hiking paths. The island is steeped in its own unique history and culture, making it an unparalleled destination.

Crete’s coastline is a masterpiece of development, adorned with countless peninsulas and bays. Renowned for having the best beaches in Greece, some even claim a spot among the world’s finest. Revel in 300 days of sunshine annually, ensuring that nearly every day becomes a delightful beach day.

Beyond its natural beauty, Crete is an island of heritage. History enthusiasts can explore dozens of archaeological sites dating back to the Minoan era, Roman settlements, Byzantine churches, Venetian ports and fortresses, and remnants of Ottoman influence.

With a local population of approximately 650,000 people, Crete relies primarily on tourism. Annually, over 6,000,000 tourists are drawn to the island, captivated by its charm, diversity, and warm hospitality.

What sets Crete apart is not just its stunning landscapes and historical treasures but also the genuine warmth of its people. Cretans take immense pride in their hospitality, considering it a moral obligation to care for strangers. This spirit of hospitality is so ingrained in their culture that they have a dedicated term for it – philoxenia, meaning “friend to the stranger”.

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Discover the unparalleled allure of Crete – where nature, history, and hospitality converge to create an unforgettable experience.

Embrace the future of
real estate in Crete with us!
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