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Isle of Crete Developments is a property development company
that specializes in the development of Hotels and Villa Resorts on the Island of Crete in Greece.

Our specialty is the creation of exceptional tourist projects in terms of design, viability, energy efficiency, financial viability, land acquisition and project management right through to completion.

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Our team has experience in all aspects of property development both in Greece and abroad.

Specialization .02

Right Fit
Determining suitability of Joint Venture partnership with us.
Going ahead
Decision to proceed and project with potential identified.
Viability of project
Due diligence undertaken and Feasibility completed.
Funding & Land Purchase
Capital requirements identified and agreed and Acquisition Negotiated.

The main activity of Isle of Crete Developments is in collaboration with our joint venture partners to develop and deliver high quality Hotel and Villa Resort Tourism projects and creating community living in Crete. We believe the future of both tourism and community living in Crete is the answer for people who either want to visit Crete or move to Crete on a permanent basis.

Do you want to invest your capital in Hotel and Villa Resort  project? We are happy to help you.

Why Villa Resorts .03

There are 5 reasons why villa resorts are so attractive today.

For those appreciating having their own space and privacy, a villa resorts  scores higher on all aspects including social distancing. A lot space only for the family and friends. Peace and quiet the only neighbors and the parking spot right there. Most of the time villa resorts are located in lower key residential areas, away from busy streets, or even in secluded areas.

With a living room, lounge space, separate bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, fully equipped kitchen, dining space, everyone can just sit back and relax. Always possible to visit the grocery store for some fresh, local ingredients and do own cooking at own pace.

Family living
It has never been easier to fit family of 5 than stay in a villa. Everyone gets their room, there is a washing machine, kitchen for those special snacks, there are spaces to play and many villa resorts offer a variety of kids or toddler friendly facilities. Be altogether in one place with friends and family. In a villa there is plenty of space for everyone to socialize together in a relaxed and comfortable environment.
Overall a villa resorts offer a certain safety, when you are in a rural location, on a private property, away from strangers.

Much more possibilities
Villa resorts offer additional values like all facilities of resort. Those facilities include pools, bars, restaurants, gyms. etc. and a privacy at the same time. Villa resorts can offer concierge services, recommendation to exclusive activities and discounts with selected partners and even the private tours. Villa resorts offer the greatest privacy in the form of a secured gated community.

Eco-friendly life
For all those who want to support sustainable life and travel, villa resorts offer ticket for eco-friendly stays. Except the lower energy consumption than hotels, the villas can easily apply green policies such as solar power, sustainable produce and supporting the local community.

Villa resorts offer the greatest privacy in the form of a secured gated community

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Why Crete .05

Beautiful beaches
More than 300 beaches known by name. Most famous: Elafonisi, Agiofarago, Balos Lagoon, Vai Palmgrove and Matala.
Mysterious mountains
Lefka Ori with extraordinary moon landscape and Samaria Gorge, the highest Psiloritis and Dikti Mountains with Lasithi Plateau.
Amazing heritage
Minoan palaces, Roman settlements, Byzantine churches, Venetian ports and fortresses and Ottoman remainings.
Best place to rest and live
Mild weather all the year, great offerings for foodies and wine lovers and friendly people.

Crete is the largest and most populous of the Greek islands. It stretches for about 260 km from east to west and 70 km from north to south. It has coastline of 1,046 km. Mild weather for all year, pristine beaches, great offerings for foodies and wine lovers, hundreds of ancient sites, breathtaking landscapes and and a lot of hiking paths. The island has its own unique history and culture as well.

The coastline of Crete is particularly developed, abounds in countless peninsulas and bays. Crete boasts the best beaches in Greece, and some are among the best beaches in the world. With 300 days of sunshine a year, almost every day is a beach day here.

Crete is an island of heritage. History lovers will find dozens of archaeological sites from Minoan era as well as Roman settlements, Byzantine churches, Venetian ports and fortresses and Ottoman remainings.

The island has a local population of approximately 650,000 people and is primarily dependent on tourism. Tourists per year to the island exceed 5,000,000.

You will not find friendlier people, and Cretans pride themselves on their hospitality. Cretans believe it is their moral obligation to take care of strangers – so much so that they even have a word for it, philoxenia (“friend to the stranger”).

For all those looking for a second home to live or  profitable investment, Crete is the best choice!


Team .06

Jonathan Ioannis Vafeiades
Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO
Eliran Eini
Co-Founder, Vice-Chairman and Director of International Relations
Elefterios Kanakaris
Angela Vafiadis
The Head of Property Management and Tourism Department
Thomas Gemelas
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The main activity of Isle of Crete Developments is to develop and deliver high quality Hotel and Villa Resort Tourism projects and creating community living in Crete.


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