Team Members

Jonathan Ioannis Vafeiades
Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO

Jonathan is the Co-Founder of Isle of Crete Developments in Greece and is in charge of all aspects of operations of Isle of Crete Developments. He has over 25 years experience in managing property developments in Tourism, Commercial and Residential projects both internationally and in Greece. He has founded several property development groups internationally that have undertaken many successful development projects in the past 25 years. His passion for Property Development, the island of Crete, and experience with delivering project success, combined with his passion to continuously create and innovate will contribute greatly to the growth and success of Isle of Crete going forward.

Eliran Eini
Co-Founder, Vice-Chairman and Director of International Relations

Eliran is the Co-Founder of Isle of Crete Developments in Greece and is in charge of International Relations with Joint Venture Partners at the International Level. Eliran comes with 15 years of experience in residential property development projects in Israel, Greece, Australia and commercial property in the USA. His background in Engineering, Marketing and Business management combined with his passion and drive for Property Development, the island of Crete, and the value of International Business Relationships has made him highly regarded amongst our International Business Partners. His passion for people, the environmental landscape and Isle of Crete Developments is what fuels the growth and success of Isle of Crete going forward.

Elefterios Kanakaris

BA(hons) of Architecture, University of Kent
Postgraduate Diploma in Architecture, Oxford Brookes University.
Based in Ierapetra, Crete.
Eleftherios has made an amazing contribution to our team with his passion to achieve the best final result possible. He is a highly skilled architect with 10 years experience in the local market and has worked on several projects in the region over the years. His design skills are exceptional. Elefterios has been accustomed to the local market and needs of clients, but also expands to a broader range of clients from around the world. Working in Crete while having studied abroad, he has accumulated communication skills and a sensitive understanding of client’s / brief’s needs. Amongst his top priorities are understanding and creating the heart of a brief, which leads to the truest form of the final result.

Angela Vafiadis
The Head of Property Management and Tourism Department

The head of Property Management and Tourism at Isle of Crete, enriches our team with her substantial expertise and infectious enthusiasm. With a deep-rooted understanding of tourism and innovative property management strategies, she's an integral part of our success. Angela has redefined business tourism, striking the perfect balance between work and pleasure through her unique immersive experiences. Owing to her decade-long experience spanning several countries, she not only expertly manages our properties but also superbly maintains their value. Known for her commitment to building international partnerships, Angela has been instrumental in taking Isle of Crete to new levels. Her exemplary leadership and devotion to the company's vision and its people ensure continuous growth and innovation in our sectors.

Thomas Gemelas

Topographic Surveyor Diploma (Technical University of Athens)
Based in Ierapetra, Crete.
Thomas is also a major asset to our team, accustomed with the local planning laws for land amalgamation and subdivision and assisting us with maximising site coverage. Thomas has quickly evolved in the local market as a trustworthy surveyor with great personality traits. Skilful in problem solving and hard situations, always finds the best solution possible for larger development sites. He is also an expert in working within the existing processes and simplifying complicated land structures.

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