Nea Chora 19 Apts. Building

Prime Investment Opportunity:
Nea Chora Corner Built Building with 19 Apartments and 300sqm Parking.
Priced at 3.1 mill Euros

In the heart of Nea Chora, where the historical charm meets the allure of a bustling tourist hub, there stands a corner building—a testament to prime real estate. Boasting 19 meticulously designed apartments and a generous 300 sqm parking facility, this property is a gem awaiting discovery.
Nestled just steps away from the ancient wonders of the Old Town and the captivating shores of the most tourist-frequented beach, this building offers a unique investment opportunity. Priced at €3.1 million, it presents the chance to own a piece of this vibrant neighborhood.
Now, here’s the exciting part—should a buyer emerge with an interest in acquiring the entire building, we are committed to offering the apartments at an exceptional value, more than doubling the current market rate. These apartments are not just residences; they are potential havens for those seeking a blend of historical richness and modern comfort.
Whether you envision an exclusive residence or a lucrative Airbnb venture, this property in Nea Chora is a canvas for your imagination. Seize the opportunity to invest in a slice of history and a promising future.

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